Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic

Criminal Representation

The VLSC is directly involved in various court programs. In order to maintain its neutral role with such programs, the VLSC does not represent veterans in criminal matters before the court.

Illinois Veterans Treatment Courts

The Veterans Treatment Court seeks to help veterans who have become involved in the criminal justice system by providing them with services in an environment tailored to overcome the issues of drug dependence, homelessness, mental illness, and unemployment. To accomplish this goal, Veterans Court will assess each veteran’s particular needs and issues by developing an individualized service plan.


Federal Enclave Misdemeanor Court Initiative

The Federal Enclave Misdemeanor Court call, otherwise known as “Petty Offense Day,” presents a unique opportunity to identify and assist veterans in need. A “petty offense” ticket may be issued for violations that occur on federal property under federal enclave jurisdiction. These violations are class B or C misdemeanors. VLSC staff are present at the court call to speak with interested veterans. Although the VLSC does not represent veterans on the matters before the court, staff members do perform an in-depth intake to identify any ancillary legal/non-legal issues that are affecting the veteran. Once additional legal/non-legal issues are identified, the VLSC will determine on a case by case basis the best way for the veteran to receive the required services.

If you have received a petty offense ticket on federal property and are required to appear at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, please ask to speak with a VLSC staff member to receive more information about the services available to you.

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