Writing Resource Center

How to Make Appointments

Sign-up sheets are posted across from Room 613, just downstairs from the library. Come by any time and mark your name down for the advisor you would like to see. Pick a time that works in your schedule. The WRC is open Monday through Saturday and offers some early evening appointments to accommodate part-time students.

You can visit us once or make several appointments throughout the semester, and you can work on class assignments or on general writing skills. Remember though, that you can sign up for only one appointment per week. Because most LS classes share similar deadlines, we are often especially busy just before papers are due, so we encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later.

Twenty-four hours before your appointment, send your most recent draft to your advisor. Email addresses and offices are as follows:

Don't forget to bring a copy of your draft to the meeting so you can take notes.

Below are key policies. A complete list of WRC Policies and resources can be found outside Room 613.