Campus Safety & Security Department

CTA U-Pass


The CTA U-Pass program provides full-time students unlimited rides on any CTA bus or train during the academic term. The cost is $140 for all students taking at 9 or more credits during the fall and spring semesters and $60 for all students taking 3 or more credits during the summer semester.

U-Passes are valid from the first day of the regular class session until the final day of the semester.

Should you want to use your U-Pass during breaks between semesters you are responsible for adding the appropriate funding to your card. Once the first day of the current semester's classes begins your U-Pass will become unlimited usage again.

CTA staff will be on site during orientation to take your picture for the U-Pass. The cards will be distributed approximately 2 to 3 days later. Your U-Pass is valid for 4 years and the same card will be used the entire time you are a student at John Marshall Law School. If you are unable to meet with the U-Pass staff during that time you can order a U-Pass through a security supervisor on the 2nd floor.

If your U-Pass is lost or stolen you will need to bring your student id and $50 (check or cash) to the 2nd Floor Security Office (State Street Building). Hours are 7 a.m.-11 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding U-Pass you can contact Jason Dalmer at or at ext 309.