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Study Comparative Trial Advocacy in Ireland

Comparative Trial Advocacy (JD 192, 3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Evidence, Basic Trial Advocacy

Grafton Street in Dublin's city centre

In this course, we approach trial advocacy in a transnational context, particular to Ireland and the United States. We examine the American and Irish systems by conducting simulated trial advocacy exercises using fact patterns and rules of evidence from both systems, placing particular emphasis on the legal, ethical, and cultural challenges facing an American advocate in transnational litigation.

Course Information

In Comparative Trial Advocacy (JD 192, 3 Credits), students attend a series of pre-trip classes, comprising the majority of the course, and then spend a week in Ireland. Classes at John Marshall take place on specified dates prior to departure and are meant to familiarize you with the Irish legal system and to foster an understanding of the cultural, historical and constitutional framework in which that system has evolved. The Dublin component offers students the opportunity to conduct simulated trial exercises and observe trials in Irish courts.

2013 Trip Dates and Details

In addition to the standard tuition costs for the course, there is an additional, non-refundable surcharge of $500. Housing will be arranged through the trip coordinator for the course. The estimated budget for airfare, housing, and meals is $5,000. While in Ireland, you will have the opportunity to discover traditional Irish culture outside of scheduled class time by taking in the sights and sounds in and around Dublin. Activities may include tours of the King’s Inns, the Four Courts, Trinity College, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Students may also observe court proceedings at the Central Criminal Courts.

To learn more about this program, please contact Marc Ginsberg, Director, Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution, at or Kelly Navarro, Associate Director, Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution, at

Republic of Ireland

Capital Dublin
Largest city Dublin
Official languages Irish, English
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Population 4,588,252