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The Justice Arthur J. Goldberg Memorial Courtroom

Justice Arthur Goldberg Memorial Courtroom

The John Marshall Law School is proud to announce the Justice Arthur Goldberg Memorial Courtroom, in recognition of the late Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and US Ambassador to the United Nations. A nationally renowned labor practitioner and a distinguished John Marshall law professor, Goldberg's personal story exemplifies the very best of the John Marshall tradition and conicides with a crucial chapter in the law school’s history.

A Multi-Use Courtroom

The Justice Arthur Goldberg Memorial Courtroom will serve as a multi-use classroom/courtroom capable of hosting the Illinois Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Illinois Appellate Court, and national moot court and trial advocacy competitions. It will also serve as a conference facility. It will feature:

Sponsorship Opportunities & Giving Levels

The John Marshall Development Office is offering sponsorship opportunities for The Justice Arthur Goldberg Memorial Courtroom at the following levels:

Project Sponsor $2,000,000
Courtroom/Classroom Sponsor $1,000,000
Courtroom Technology Sponsor $375,000
Courtroom Lounge Sponsor $250,000
Judge’s Bench Sponsor $100,000
Courtroom Wall Sponsor to the right if facing the judges $100,000
Four wooden Pillars of Justice in front of Courtroom $100,000 (per pillar)
Four painted concrete Pillars of Justice Sponsors at classroom rear $75,000 (per pillar)
Judge's Room Sponsor $75,000
Honor Book Alcove Sponsor $50,000
Courtroom Reception Station Sponsor $25,000
Two Entry Hallways Sponsors $25,000
Photo Gallery or Wall of Honor (leading from judges' entry to bench area) $25,000
The wall/hallway leading to the Courtroom Lounge $25,000
Tables in the Courtroom (32) $10,000
Tables in the Courtroom Lounge (7) $5,000
Classroom Chairs Sponsors (approximately 60 remaining) $1,500

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting initiative or making a contribution, please contact the Office of Development at

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