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Fair Housing Undergraduate Internship Program

John Marshall has been a pioneer in fair housing law legal education since 1991, and is one of the leading providers of advanced programs in this field. Founded upon the belief that equal opportunity for all can be furthered through education, the Center has established the Fair Housing Undergraduate Internship Program that offers select undergraduate students in the Chicago area an opportunity to study fair housing law at John Marshall. Undergraduates will participate in a supervised internship where they will serve community members with housing needs, and be exposed to public- and private-sector fair housing career opportunities.

How This Internship Benefits You

Students selected to participate in the Fair Housing Undergraduate Internship Program will:

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How Your Service Benefits the Community

Participants in the Fair Housing Undergraduate Program will serve the community by promoting equality in housing. Students will learn about existing laws, regulations, and policies put in place to end housing discrimination. Newly acquired knowledge will be applied while interning at local housing agencies that assist victims of discrimination or those experiencing housing crises. Each student is required to deliver a fair housing presentation to raise awareness of fair housing issues with the public as well as university students.

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Funding for the Fair Housing Internship Program

The Fair Housing Undergraduate Internship Program is offered free to students selected to participate. This program is underwritten by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity through its Fair Housing Initiative Program and The John Marshall Law School.

Contact Information

For questions concerning the internship program, please contact:

Michael P. Seng
Co-Executive Director
Fair Housing Legal Support Center
Phone: 312.987.1446
Email: 7seng@jmls.edu

Tiffany Hughes
Program Manager
Fair Housing Internship Program
Phone: 847.630.0228
Email: hughest@jmls.edu

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