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Michael P. Seng

Throughout its history, The John Marshall Law School has served the Chicago area as a pioneer in developing community programs and projects. In 2003 the Center developed the Predatory Home Lending Project to focus on helping people avoid predatory loans and biases or denials based on gender, race, disability, national origin, or other prohibited factors that resulted in inferior loans.

Today, an ever growing number of homeowners face loan modification scams and property foreclosures. The Project has evolved just as the lending and foreclosure crisis has evolved and its focus has shifted. Redesigned in 2011, the Project is now known as the Fair Lending/Home Preservation Law Project.

Under this Project, law students attend lectures presented by professors, attorneys and judges where they learn how to identify lending problems and the remedies available to those who cannot repay home mortgage loans. Each student is required to serve a minimum of 40 community service hours with an HUD-approved housing counseling agency or other community partner, where they review lending documents and assist with research relating to the foreclosure crisis. Students are also required to make at least one presentation to a community group to explain the law and to advise persons how to avoid the loss of their homes.

Since its inception the Project has received partial funding from a private foundation and the City of Chicago. Most recently funding awarded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development enabled the Project to expand outreach coverage year-round. To date more than 250 law students have participated in the Project, benefitting hundreds of homeowners.

Persons in need of a referral to a local housing-counseling agency or interested in scheduling a free presentation on fair lending law, foreclosure, or reverse mortgages, should contact the Center.

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Michael P. Seng
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Co-Executive Director
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Project Manager
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Administrative Assistant
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