Office of Diversity Affairs

Legal Skills Success Camp

The John Marshall Law School's Legal Skills Success Camp (LSSC) is a program designed to teach additional skills for admitted students who may benefit from pre-law-school skills development. The LSSC is offered three evenings a week during the last week of July, leading into August, and on the first Saturday in August. This voluntary program addresses the academic needs of entering first-year law students who would benefit the most from personalized assistance. The LSSC provides lectures, skills training, and extensive exam preparation and review. It is taught by John Marshall legal writing instructors, faculty, and staff. The program was designed by Professors Maureen Kordesh, Lurene Contento, Rachel Dawson, and Eileen Halpin. Start Preparing with Our Glossary of Terms

Program Dates:

If accepted into LSSC, attendance at all sessions is mandatory.

Who Should Attend

Nationally, law school preparation programs have been tremendously successful. Many of the participants have stated that the programs provided enormous assistance with their performance on exams. This program has a limited enrollment of 50 students in order to maximize assistance and instruction. Faculty members and staff will teach and provide written and one on one feedback to students on their practice exam answers. Factors used to identify which students will be most benefited by this program include:

Program Topics

Socratic Method and Understanding Law School: Expectations
  • Study Strategies
  • Problem Solving
  • Unmasking the Mystery of Law School
  • Understanding Law School Expectations
  • Working with Study Groups and Study Aids
Law School Exam Writing
  • Exam Writing Practice: Approaches
  • Exam Tips
Using IRAC to Prepare for Class:
Extracting Rules
  • Reading
  • Case Briefing
  • Note Taking
Using IRAC to Review after Class:
Organizing & Learning Rules
  • Outlining
Legal Writing for Law School