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JD/LLM in Information Technology & Privacy Law

No matter what type of law you are interested in or what direction your career make take, your clients and you will be confronted by issues involving technology and privacy every day. Knowing the law and underlying policies is crucial to your employability. Our joint JD/LLM in Information Technology and Privacy Law offers current John Marshall JD candidates an opportunity to develop specialized knowledge and gain a marketable expertise in today’s practice environment.


Joint JD/LLM in Information Technology and Privacy Law candidates must complete 80 credits from John Marshall’s JD catalogue, including all required courses, plus 24 credit hours from the LLM in Information Technology and Privacy Law catalogue (the first 10 LLM credit hours will count as JD elective credits), including required and elective courses.

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Proposed Schedule

Due to the diversity of courses offered, degree candidates interested in pursuing the JD/LLM in Information Technology and Privacy Law should consult with the Center to plan a specific degree program tailored to their needs.


Required Courses

*Candidates are required to take only one of these courses.

Elective Courses

Please review each course description to determine what prerequisites apply.