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JD/LLM in Trial Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

John Marshall's nationally ranked Trial Advocacy program gives JD candidates interested in trial advocacy and dispute resolution the opportunity to save time and money by earning a JD/LLM in Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution. Through hands-on exercises and simulations, the joint degree develops courtroom skills that otherwise only come from being in actual practice. Whether you plan to pursue a position with a firm or strike out on your own, the JD/LLM in Trial Advocacy will make you courtroom-ready, a characteristic employers search for in the best applicants.


Joint JD/LLM in Trial Advocacy & Dispute Resolution candidates may apply the first 10 credits satisfactorily completed in the LLM program to the electives requirements of the JD. Most degree candidate will be able to complete the requirements of the joint program with 104 credits (80 JD + 24 LLM) instead of the 114 credits required if the programs are completed separately. Students unable to complete the joint degree must still complete a total of 90 hours to be awarded the JD degree.

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Proposed Schedule

Summer Session
Negotiation Theory & Practice in Primarily Pretrial Scenarios (2 Credits)
Fall Semester
Litigation Technology (3)
Expert Witnesses (2)
Trial Advocacy Elective (3)
ADR Elective (3)
Spring Semester
Advanced Scientific Evidence (3)
Models of Dispute Resolution (2)
Trial Advocacy Elective (3)
ADR Elective (3)

This proposed schedule is based on a one-year degree track. LLM in Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution candidates must complete their degree within five years.